About Dr. sarah sarkis

I am a licensed psychologist and writer living in Honolulu, Hawaii. Originally hailing from Boston Mass, I have a private practice where I work with adults in long-term insight oriented therapy. I work from an existential psychology vantage point where I encourage my patients to “stay present even in the storm.”  I believe myself to be an explorer of the psyche and I will encourage you to be curious about the journey rather than the destination.  I emphasize collaboration, partnership, and personal empowerment.
I received my MA from Boston College where I studied counseling psychology.  I then began my doctoral training at George Washington University with an emphasis on adult psychotherapy from an psychoanalytic perspective.  Upon completion of my doctoral studies, I completed my internship and post-doctoral fellowship training at two inpatient psychiatric hospitals in the Boston area.  There I worked with people who were suffering from the most severe and retractable forms of mental illness.  Those experiences taught me the deep and enduring value of comprehensive and collaborative care from a multi-disciplinary perspective.  I carry those lessons with me to my current work in my private practice, where I emphasize and utilize my partnerships with physicians, naturopaths, and functional medicine doctors and nutritionists to provide the best standard of care. 
I approach psychological wellness from a holistic and integrative perspective.  My therapeutic style is based on an integrative approach to wellness, where I blend my strong psychodynamic and insight oriented training with more traditionally behavioral and/or mind/body techniques to help clients foster insight, change and growth. I’ve studied extensively the use of mindfulness, functional medicine, hormones, and how food, medicine and mood are interconnected.  My influences include Dr.’s Hyman, Benson, Kabat-Zinn and Gordon, as well as Tara Brach, Brene' Brown, Irvin Yalom, Howard Stern, and Bruce Springsteen to name only a few


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